Facultade de Fisioterapia

Graduate students

Development of an optical nanosensor for the detection of environmentalpollutants
2020 | Nerea Villarino García

Analytical device for simultaneous determination of nitrite and sulphide in waters
2020 | Óscar Matesanz Pazos

Surface functionalization of cellulosic substrates for the detection of organic contaminants in waters
2020 | Silvia Santos Vico

Mercury enrichment on cellulose substrates modified with silver nanoparticles
2019 | Helena Bartolomé Alonso

Determination of boric acid in seawater
2018 | Angie Velázquez García

Development of a miniaturized analytical method for the determination of iodide in waters
2018 | Nerea Capón Alonso

Preparation and application of graphene membranes as novel platforms for the detection of metal species by TXRF
2018 | Tamara Ruibal García

Ultrasensitive detection of mercury in waters by AAS after preconcentration with a magnetic nanosorbent
2018 | Javier Páez Cabaleiro

Development of a fluorescent sensor based on carbon nanoparticles
2017 | Victoria Vila López

Gold nanocylinders implemented in miniaturized systems: Application to the determination of thiomersal in pharmaceuticals
2017 | Manuel Martín Alonso

Sensor based on a paper analytical device for arsenic speciation with scannometric detection
2016 | Lorena Villar Blanco

Detection of mercury at ultratrace level by total reflection X-ray fluorescence following nanostructured solid-phase microextraction
2014 | Magdalena Gryglicka

Design of fluorescent probes based on gold nanoclusters implemented in a microextraction system for mercury detection
2014 | María Arellano Pardo