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grupo QA2


Development of new analytical methods for detection and speciation of metal ions, organometals, metalobiomolecules as well as organic compounds in the marine environment and food samples.


  • Nanotechnological approaches for trace element analysis, speciation and metallomics in the environment.
    • Design of plasmonic and fluorescent nanosensors
    • Design of nanosorbents for preconcentration.
  • Studies of mobility, distribution, bioavailability and accumulation of metal species in environmental samples (soils, sediments, seawater).
  • Design of miniaturized analytical techniques for in situ detection of pollutants.
    • Development of microextraction approaches.
    • Development of microfluidic platforms for environment quality monitoring.
  • Green methods in Analytical Chemistry.
    • Use of microwaves, ultrasound and UV radiation in the previous operations of the analytical methodology
  • Applications of Atomic Spectrometry techniques for trace element analysis and speciation (ETAAS, HG-AAS, CV-AAS, AFS, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, TXRF).
  • Applications of chemometrics in combination with multielemental analysis techniques (ICP-MS; ICP-OES; TXRF) for establishing food authentification, and environmental pollution sources.