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Sample pretreatment strategies for total reflection X-ray fluorescence analysis: A tutorial review

Authors: Inmaculada de la Calle, Noelia Cabaleiro, Vanesa Romero, Isela Lavilla, Carlos Bendicho

Journal: Spectrochimica Acta Part B, 90: 23-54, 12/2013

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.sab.2013.10.001


In the last years, there has been a revival of total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (TXRF), which was firstly applied for analytical purposes in the late 80s. The aim of this work is to discuss and compare the current approaches for sample pretreatment including in situ microdigestion, slurry preparation, acid digestion, extraction, etc. prior to TXRF analysis. Advantages and drawbacks inherent to each of those procedures are considered. A comprehensive revision in the period January 2008–July 2013 about different sample preparation strategies prior to TXRF analysis apart from early pioneering reports dealing with sample pretreatment are included in the review. Non-conventional sample pretreatment approaches such as microflow online preconcentration, lab-on-a-chip, etc., are also discussed.