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Study of the Se-containing metabolome in Se-rich yeast by size-exclusion-cation-exchange HPLC with the paralel ICP MS and electrospray orbital ion trap detection

Authors: Sandra Gil Casal, Johann Far, Katarzyna Bierla, Laurent Ouerdane, Joanna Szpunar

Journal: Metallomics, 2: 535-548, 08/2010

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1039/c0mt00002g


Strong cation exchange HPLC with the parallel ICP MS and electrospray hybrid linear ion trap quadrupole orbital trap mass spectrometry (ESI Orbitrap MS) detection was developed for the study of the metabolomic pattern of selenium in selenium-rich yeast. The mobile phase composition (gradient of ammonium formate in 20% methanol) was optimized to obtain separation in conditions guaranteeing the identical ICP MS sensitivity during the entire chromatographic run and the compatibility with electrospray ionization. Twenty seven Se-containing metabolites observed in the HPLC-ICP MS chromatogram were identified by ESI Orbitrap MS based on the Se isotopic pattern, the accurate molecular mass, and the multistage fragmentation patterns. The method allowed for the first time the correlation of the differences observed in HPLC-ICP MS chromatography of water extracts of Se-rich yeast samples from different manufacturers with the identity of the eluted compounds determined by ESI MS.